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Case Studies

Veel Mobility

E-Hailing Apps for Drivers & Customer

This ride-hailing app promotes making the user experience easy and safe. This involved designing an easy-to-use user interface and seamlessly integrating it with APIs.

By putting user convenience and data security first, the app offers a dependable and entertaining ride-hailing service.

Secure Data Transfer App

Through Secure Data Transfer Application users can share data with others remotely with ease. After sharing, recipients are sent a link that, when clicked, makes it easy for them to access the data on any device.

This simplified procedure makes data sharing between users easy and safe, which improves accessibility and cooperation.

Data Transfer

Veel Mobility

Image Size Compressor App

This application compresses images with skill, preserving their quality. To achieve the best outcomes, users can adjust the compression percentages.

The program's bulk compression feature simplifies the processing of numerous images, making it a go-to resource for effective and superior image optimizing.

iPhone Dialer App

For placing and receiving calls, this iPhone dialer app functions similarly to the dialer on an iPhone.

In the settings, you can alter the appearance. It makes phone conversations more enjoyable and is visually appealing.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

This application makes it easy to backup data—including audio, video, and image files—and stores it safely in an AWS S3 bucket.

With superior security measures, users can easily recover their data from any Android device, guaranteeing a dependable and easily accessible backup solution.


This platform serves as a beacon for healthcare professionals, academics, and enthusiasts alike, offering a comprehensive view of the ever-evolving landscape of biomedical advancements.

From pioneering studies to innovative technologies, we curate a diverse array of research that shapes the future of healthcare.


Travel Agency

Embark on a transformative travel experience with this Hajj and Umrah Travel Agency website.

This specialize in crafting seamless journeys for pilgrims, blending tradition with modern convenience.

Educational System

This platform is designed to empower individuals with the skills and insights needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

From academic subjects to practical skills, discover a rich tapestry of educational opportunities that transcend boundaries.

Event Management

Event Management Syatem

This website, discover a seamless user experience for attendees, allowing effortless registration, personalized invitations, and dynamic event exploration. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, our admin panel provides event organizers with a comprehensive dashboard.

Monitor real-time analytics, manage logistics, and exercise full control over every facet of your event.

Restaurant Management System

This platform envision the integration of cutting-edge technology into restaurant operations. From order management to inventory control, this platform ensures that every aspect of establishment runs smoothly.

Meanwhile, our powerful dashboard offers restaurateurs a centralized control hub. Manage orders, track inventory, and analyze sales trends effortlessly.

Resturant Management